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Andrew Malcolm

Municipal Internship Alumni Spotlight 
Andrew Malcolm, RPP, MCIP, BA
Community Planner II, Planning and Development Services, City of Lethbridge

Land Use Planner Intern, City of Lethbridge  2011-2013

Educational Background:
Bachelor of Arts, Urban and Regional Studies, University of Lethbridge

What did you find most beneficial about the Municipal Internship Program?
I think the most beneficial part of the program was the work program. Although it was somewhat custom designed by the municipality, the framework provided by Municipal Affairs really set up a solid learning program that created the opportunity to gain experience in all of the different streams of planning. In a full-time position this is often not the case, as you are expected to focus on one stream.

What was your most memorable experience as an intern?
My most memorable moment was when all the interns got back together at the end of the two year program to receive their certificates from Municipal Affairs, and everyone was able to share on their experiences as well as what was on the horizon for them. Not surprisingly many were being retained full time with their municipalities.

What experience had the greatest impact during your internship?
Practical, real-life, firsthand experience is something that you do not gain in school.

How do you feel your time in the Internship Program helped prepare you for your career?  
I credit my time in the program for getting my career started and affirming it was what I wanted to do. It helped me break into a field that I have found very difficult for graduates and those with little formal work experience to enter. It provided the necessary supports early in my career to develop a broad set of skills across the planning spectrum, which has created a more balanced planner in the end.

Advice for Interns:   During Their Internship
This is a great period to connect and build relationships as much as possible, whether it’s with those in your municipality, your fellow interns, Municipal Affairs staff, or through attending conferences and training. Use your intern status to ask questions, receive feedback, and set up meetings just to talk.

Advice for Interns: After Their Internship
Always draw on your experience as an intern and be proud that you were lucky enough to be involved.  Lots of people apply for it and few are lucky enough  to be selected. It is a respected program across Alberta and Canada and don’t be afraid to draw on your experiences and speak about your involvement in it – it may lead you to great places!

What do you find most rewarding about working in the municipal government field?
Being able to affect positive change and development in a community.

What has been the highlight of your municipal career so far?
Many highlights for me so far! The heritage planning work where we have worked through complex situations to save prominent historic buildings in the community, as well as some of the ground-breaking work around the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan compliance that the City of Lethbridge is currently undertaking – in particular work around Indigenous Relationships and Traditional Knowledge and Use.

What projects are keeping you busy right now?
Work around South Saskatchewan Regional Plan compliance and an Area Redevelopment Plan are the two major projects on the go. Also working towards transitioning to a new role in a new municipality in April!

What's next for you?
In April I will be leaving the City of Lethbridge to take on the role as Director of Planning and Economic Development with the Town of Taber.


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