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Alumni Spotlight: Brad Bevill

Municipal Internship Alumni Spotlight: 

Brad Bevill, Planner II, City of Calgary

Lang Use Planning Intern for Parkland County 2008-2010 

Educational Background: 

Bachelor of Arts in Planning from the University of Saskatchewan

Tell us about your experience as a Municipal Intern at Parkland County (2008-2010)

I became an intern at an interesting time in Alberta. I began my internship in the spring of 2008, and in the fall of 2008, the Great Recession was well under way. I was new to Alberta at the time and saw a province go from the height of its boom cycle to the lows of its bust cycle. The most beneficial part of participating in the Municipal Internship Program was the ability to see a municipality function from every angle. Typically it would take a municipal employee many years to understand how a municipality functions from every aspect, but I had the opportunity to see the many moving parts right from the start. This experience has helped me move throughout my career as a well rounded individual in the municipal world. 

The most memorable moments as an intern was the many conferences, workshops and get-togethers we as interns attended together to build on each others’ experiences and develop friendships I still have today. A group of interns and I meet in Ottawa every couple years to celebrate Canada Day together.

I will never forget the first time I sat in a Subdivision Development Appeal Board meeting. I had never even heard of such a thing and having exposure to that right from the start was one of the experiences I will never forget.

What do you find the most rewarding about working in Municipal Government?

Working in Municipal Government has many challenges. The rewards from these challenges are many. When someone calls you to understand a project you are working on and they appreciate the information you have provided them, and tell you that you are doing a great job to make this city a better place – that is the most rewarding part of working in Municipal Government. 

How has the Municipal Internship Program helped prepare me for my career?

The time I spent as a municipal Intern helped me understand my potential in a number of ways. From the simple aspect that small town living in Alberta is not something to avoid, but to seek out - it contains many opportunities. It also helped me understand the many areas of Planning that I was unaware of prior to the program. University prepares you for the theory behind the profession, but the internship program uniquely prepared me for what was to come after the program. 

What has been the highlight of your career?

The highlight of my career has been shaping the City of Calgary - a place that I love and call home now.

Advice for Interns:

During Their Internship

The best advice I can offer any intern is enjoy the experience. Don’t stress if the municipality will be able to keep you on when it is over or where you will go when it is done. The experience is a once in a lifetime and I strongly encourage you to take every advantage of the opportunity you have been given. You will look back on those days very fondly.

After Their Internship

After the internship, don’t be afraid to continue the bonds you have developed in your internship. These relationships will be strong and will reflect a new journey you are starting on. Consider these your friends from kindergarten of your adult years.


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