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Alumni Spotlight: Samantha Rodwell

Municipal Internship Alumni Spotlight: 

Samantha Rodwell, Deputy City Clerk, City of Red Deer

Administrator Intern for Parkland County 2009-2010 

Educational Background: 

Bachelors of Arts in Political Science, University of Lethbridge

Tell us about your experience as a Municipal Intern at Parkland County (2009-2010)

Where to start; I really got to experience it all. Parkland County was an amazing host municipality that truly embraced the internship program as a learning opportunity. Some things I never would have dreamed of experiencing were:
  • Spending a day beaver trapping
  • Getting behind the scenes tour of West Edmonton Mall
  • Grooming cross county ski trails on a snow mobile
  • Travelling to Ottawa for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Sustainable Communities Conference - where I met the late Honorable Jim Flaherty
  • Being seconded to the Village of Wabamun as Interim Chief Administrative Officer for a three month term

My day beaver trapping wasn't memorable just because I was experiencing something new. I spent the day with a man who truly loved his job. He treated every day as a new challenge, he developed tips and tricks to make himself more efficient and he loved to watch how a water way could return to its original course when a damn had been removed. He truly understood what it was to serve the public. While I don't think I am destined to become a trapper I do hope to emulate his passion and enthusiasm.

The most beneficial part of participating in the program was getting to experience municipal government first hand. It allowed me to discover a passion for Legislative Services - an area that I otherwise wouldn't have known existed.

What do you find the most rewarding about working in Municipal Government?

Helping people to understand how government works.

How has the Municipal Internship Program helped prepare me for my career?

I found a passion for Legislative Services that I never would have know if it hadn't been for the internship program. I made a wide variety of contacts that have helped me in my career.

What has been the highlight of your career?

The highlight of my career would be being hired as the Deputy City Clerk at the City of Red Deer. It's my dream job in an amazing municipality where I work with a fantastic team. Every day I am excited to get to go to work.

Advice for Interns:

During Their Internship

Embrace every experience that avails itself to you. You may think you know where you want your career to lead, but there are opportunities out there you never knew about.

After Their Internship

Be thankful for your time as an intern. It's a rare, wonderful, and unique program that many will never know. Teach others about your experience and share your knowledge. My internship supervisors, Pat Vincent and Doug Tymchyshyn, dedicated so much time to enhancing my experience and always told me that working with interns was one of the ways that they gave back to their field of work. I hope that I will be able to do the same throughout my career.


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